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Welcome to Share Salisbury
(A Library of Things)

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What is
'Share Salisbury'?

Share Salisbury (A Library of Things) is a social enterprise which gives the community access to borrow the things they need, without it costing the earth!

Sharing instead of buying new promotes a circular economy and gives the community access to things that may have previously been unaffordable, required for a single use only and/or impractical to store at home.

'Library of Things'?

It’s like a normal library but instead of being full of books, it is full of other useful stuff like carpet cleaners, pressure washers, gardening tools, hobby items, camping gear, DIY tools… and so much more!

You can browse the collection of things available on our website. If there is something you could do with borrowing but we don’t yet have it available, get in touch.

How to Start Borrowing

You don’t need to become a member to borrow from the Library of Things but we will ask you for some personal information and request to see proof of identity (such as a drivers licence). Once we have checked your details and you have checked our terms & conditions, you are ready to start borrowing!

Become a Member
Create an Online Account
Reserve an item online
Reserve an Item Online
Borrow from our library of things
Borrow for as Long as Needed
Return the item or request collection
Return Item to Share Salisbury

Share News

Share Salisbury and the history of the sharing economy - Volunteers in Share Salisbury

History of the sharing economy

Share Salisbury (A Library of Things) opened in lockdown of 2021. The idea had come about by a group of locals looking to provide simple solutions to help people and the planet.

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Share Salisbury things to borrow

New Improved Membership Plans!

We have made it cheaper and easier for you to borrow from Share Salisbury! 🎉 Members can now borrow things FOR FREE! Check out our new improved membership plans.

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Why Share?

Here at Share Salisbury we believe that sharing is the new… buying!  Sharing is not only good for your community, it is great for the planet & brilliant for your pocket!  Like a wise Spock once said “The more we share, the more we have”.  We want our Library of Things to help enrich the lives of the community which it serves.